National Caribbean Heritage Month celebration set for Philly


Next month the Greater Philadelphia Caribbean Cultural Organization, GPCCO, will host its signature event, Philly Caribbean Carnival and Parade. A highly anticipated cultural and tourist attraction showcasing the City of Brotherly Love’s vivacious Caribbean community, this year ‘s celebration is poised to be the best one yet.
Held annually on the Saturday before Father’s Day, the one-day exuberant celebration is a beautiful display of culture and tradition. Rooted in celebrating the emancipation of slavery on many of the Caribbean islands, the dynamic and exciting event features some of the best American and international Caribbean performers in music, dance, and world drumming.
“We’re really excited for this year’s edition of the Philly Carnival,” said Vilna Gaston, vice president of GPCCO and chair of the fundraising committee. “Each year our audience has gotten bigger and we’ve increased the number of clubs performing in our parade of bands competition. We’re proud to contribute to the cultural richness of Philadelphia, as well as well as the local economy considering we have people participating in our [GPCCO] signature event coming from the Caribbean and around the country,” Gaston said.
Officially joining the ranks of premiere vacation destinations in Travel + Leisure Magazine’s “50 Best Places to Travel in 2017,” 24% of Philadelphia’s foreign born come from the Pan-American region. Hailing from the Caribbean, many settle in the first World Heritage City in the United States, with significant populations also coming from South America according to Global Philadelphia Association. As of 2010, there were 24,608 people of West Indian ancestry living in Philadelphia, boasting one of the largest Jamaican populations in the country. With sizable numbers of Trinidadians and Bajans, Jamaicans and Haitians are near even in population. Continue reading

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