Community campaign offers Camden residents connections to events, programming

New Jersey and Cooper’s Ferry Partnership, a non-profit corporation dedicated to planning and implementing high-quality urban redevelopment projects, Connect the Lotsengages residents by creating safe hubs of activity and quality programming in city public spaces and corridors.

“This year’s line-up of dynamic programming is designed for people of all ages,” said Mayor Dana Redd. “By offering an array of activities right in the heart of our vibrant neighborhoods, we are hoping to inspire residents to celebrate the rich cultural offerings we have right here in the City, while engaging the community and attracting visitors from throughout the region.”

In collaboration with Get Healthy Camden, Camden Promise Zone, last month Mayor Redd and Cooper’s Ferry Partnership vice president of neighborhood initiatives, Meishka L. Mitchell, launched the 2017 Connect the Lots season, beginning and ending with its two trademark events – Camden Night Gardens and Camden Jam.

Read the entire article here.

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