Uber Escapades: I kid you NOT!??

Fresh from the Philadelphia Association of Black Journalists (PABJ) monthly meeting, I embarked on my daily Uber excursion, hoping to make up for the time lost. Not overly concerned that I most likely wouldn’t put in my eight hours of driving, the time was well spent commemorating Olympic Day with a panel discussion on race and sports that featured 1996 U.S. men’s 4×400 Olympic gold medalists, Anthuan Maybank, among other notables. I wanted to get a few good trips that would yield respectable fare payouts, at least.

My first two fares were heading home having attended events affiliated with the American Water Works Association’s annual conference, Matt the environmental engineer enlightening me to DELCORA. My third fare was a Drexel University student, studying environmental engineering with a focus water management, who was headed home from being on the University City campus.


Read the entire article here.

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