Philadelphia foundation awards scholarships founded on family, friends and faith


“The greatness of a community is most accurately measured by the compassionate actions of its members.” – Coretta Scott King

The Browning Foundation, a Pennsylvania-based nonprofit created to assist in providing opportunities for the advancement of those in Philadelphia and the surrounding areas, recently held its inaugural gala and awarded more than $15,000 in scholarships.

“Deon is the type of person that every time he has a success, or a win, he immediately thinks about how he can share his success with other people. That’s really rare,” said Kevin O’Brien, a trial attorney at Stampone Law.

“I’m proud that he’s leading our community through his efforts giving others opportunities,” O’Brien said.

“My dad used to measure himself by the opportunities he gave to others [as an athletic director and professor]. He instilled in us that if we had the opportunity to succeed, we should never forget to turn around and help the person behind you. Deon has turned around and helped these very deserving scholarship recipients and I’m proud to be a part of this,” O’Brien said.

Comedian Mel Harris entertained the crowd as guest made bids on auction items including authentic Moses Malone and Julius Erving jerseys, Barbados, Paris and California vacation packages, a college sporting event ticket package, and artwork by internationally renowned visual artist, Serena Saunders.

Two lucky winners left the gala with a luxurious Gucci handbag courtesy of in-kind contributions that complimented the presenting sponsors including Browning & Browning Global Vending, Stampone Law, Along 4 The Ride, Revive Credit Partners, mtb IMAGING, and the Browning Legal Group.

Truly honored to have been a part of last night’s celebration of the Browning Foundation scholarship recipients; 3 amazing women will continue their studies and soon be changing the world thanks to this guy. His drive, ambition and courage are inspiring. His achievements are staggering. His dedication to bringing others to the top with him is humbling. I can only wish my kids will have the privilege of interning in his law firm in the future.

“I am very proud of you, Mr. Browning, and though I knew you were special when we were swapping stories of our dreams back in the day, I had no idea just how special,” said Adrienne Stranere Metta.

“Keep doing you, my friend, as you are lighting this world on fire, one dream at a time.”

Read the entire article here.

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