No illusion legendary recording artist Najee continues to serve souls with his music


I am always evolving. As a musician the love of performing for people whether in-studio or live, is still a gratifying experience,” said multi-platinum and Grammy nominated saxophonist and flautist, Jerome “Najee” Rasheed.

In an interview with the HuffPost last week, the top-selling musician discussed how he has carved his name on the tree of music, gracefully and consistently blending “so many different elements but yet make sense” through his artistic offerings.

“It’s not a mystery, man, it really isn’t,” said the Greenwich Village born — Jamaica, Queens raised Najee. From his home in California, having arrived in the U.S. the day before fresh from performing in Spain and making a stop in NY, the New England Conservatory of Music Manhattan School of Music Preparatory alum spoke with the same agility, grace, prowess, passion and fearlessness — yet with ease — he expresses in his music.

“That’s what I love to do,” said the soon-to-be sexagenarian (60 year old). “Share that part with people, to help them remove the mystery from what people may consider “success,” he said.

“I’m not saying anything worth achieving is easy to obtain, it definitely takes commitment and a lot of hard work. But that hard work and commitment, when they meet opportunity, things tend to happen and tend to take you very far.”

“For me, when opportunity met commitment, those elements combined have taken all over the world,”

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One thought on “No illusion legendary recording artist Najee continues to serve souls with his music

  1. From Najee’s Theme to Poetry in Motion. I continue to be amazed at the penetration that Najee’s sultry musicology has on the human Soul. The impact of his jazzy frequencies resonates on a level that enlightens and elevates the consciousness. I am grateful to have lived in an era where my own ears have experienced a cultural sound that originated from the heart of Najee and continued to move until it positively radiated the atmosphere throughout the universe. Since we first met in Boston, and rendezvoused at numerous venues all over the USA we have been and always will be, kindred and gratifying spirits!

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