Philadelphia Flyers Alumni, faithful friends ‘Face Off Against Cancer’ [PHOTO GALLERY]



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I will be coming home November 8th until 13th for the 5th Annual Face Off Against Cancer Tournament! For the past five years, a dozen hockey teams raise money to assist local families battling cancer. Unfortunately, too many people are affected by this heart breaking disease, including my own Dad. That is where all of us hockey players step in to raise money for those that are up against telling cancer to puck off. Over the past four FOAC events, teams and players have managed to raise an astounding $389,000 for local families!!! The Weasels (2013 Inaugural Tournament Champions and 2015 2nd Place Runner-up's) and myself are accepting donations for families in need. We have tons of raffle tickets (with awesome prizes!) t-shirts, bands and this year we are accepting PayPal donations. The event this year will be held at Hatfield Ice on November 11th from 12-4pm. Please come out and support us as we raise money and play several games over the course of a few days – and the Flyers Alumni! Let me know if you have any questions or check out #foac #faceoffagainstcancer #puckcancer #philadelphia #flyersalumni #weasels #oneteamonegoal

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