‘Live & Local’ concert series showcases artists of all genres in World Heritage City



In America’s First World Heritage City, artists of all genres showcase their talent regularly at one of Philadelphia’s premier live performance venues, Coda.

Devoted to providing a platform for aspiring performance artists, Coda’s Live & Local concert series features upcoming acts representing an array of music genres including indie rock, electronic, folk, jam bands, pop, and Hip Hop.

On November 29, Coda Live & Local will present Sound Shades — with Gabe WolfDrew Mills of Village Of The Smoke (VOTS), Maya Simone and DJ SYLO — at the member-based, social club governed by Germantown Nest Lodge No 1624.

Located within Philly’s cosmopolitan Rittenhouse Square section, Coda is one of the East Coast’s most trendy nightclubs and highly sought after event space.

A signature event on Philly’s music and entertainment scene, Live & Local has evolved into an impactful platform that not only creates impressive, memorable music experiences, but preserves the world-class legacy Philadelphia has being known around the world for producing a “soulful” sound.

Read the entire article here.


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