‘The League of 1789,’ PA Society honor leadership and diversity in government

Formed in 2010, The League of 1789 — a bipartisan and unincorporated group under the auspice of The Pennsylvania Society (PA Society) — set out to honor the efforts of an earlier generation that formed a new nation (America) and its connection between the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania and State of New York.

In 1789, General George Washington was inaugurated as President at Federal Hall in New York City and, during the course of that year, the nation’s Capital began a transition to Philadelphia.

Honoring the emergence of bipartisan leaders of color in Pennsylvania and New York, while acknowledging the historical implications and spirit of Washington’s leadership, PA Society members united to host an invitation-only reception as part of the storied Pennsylvania Society weekend.

“It is important that we acknowledge diverse officials who are indispensable to the community for which they serve,” said PA Society member and Philadelphia City Councilman At-LargeDerek Green.

Speaking on the origin of the reception, Green said he and supporters of The League of 1789 will celebrate this year by recognizing the achievements of Montgomery County (PA) Commissioner, Kenneth Lawrence Jr., and New York City Deputy Mayor, Richard Buery.

Read the entire article here.

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