Black Soccer Coaches to celebrate achievement at United Soccer Coaches Convention in Philadelphia

The United Soccer Coaches is set to host the “World’s Largest Annual Gathering of Soccer Coaches” later this week in the City of Brotherly Love.

The largest organization of its kind in the United States, with more than 30,000 members, United Soccer Coaches has a history of embracing inclusivity and diversity. Members of the Black Soccer Coaches Community will be honored and featured during the five-day, annual gathering.

“The most amazing thing about the Black Soccer Coaches is that we have galvanized coaches from across the globe to be invested in our communities,” said Nicole Hercules, Chair of the United Soccer Coaches Black Coaches Advocacy Group.

“We are a close knit soccer family who always put our community first.”

Uniting the global soccer community through United Soccer Coaches, the Black Soccer Coaches Community includes coaches of color representing the United States, Canada, the Caribbean, South America, Europe and Africa.

Founded in 1996 by Lincoln Phillips, former Howard University men’s coach who served as the first chairman of the Black Soccer Coaches Committee, the Black Soccer Coaches Community promotes the awareness of issues and opportunities for improving the participation of Blacks in the game of soccer.

The group takes pride in identifying, educating, developing, promoting, and supporting black coaches to leadership positions within the global soccer community while engaging youth and the next generation of leaders of the sport.

“We want the youth of Philadelphia to know that we are here and are accessible to them. We are present,” said Hercules, the first female appointed Chair of the Black Soccer Coaches Community.

“We are united in pursuit to increase our ecosystem to provide opportunities that address our community needs.” Hercules and her group contribute to the administration of an extensive award and recognition program designed to recognize excellence in soccer, academics, and service to the game.

“We want to encourage and inspire the next generation and instill a passionate love of the world’s game for generations to come,” said Hercules.

Only at the Convention can one attend sessions crafted with individualized approaches based on coaching level and desired topics.

Presented by world-class influencers, the collection of over 200 lecture sessions and field demonstrations will offer coaches something to take back to their own training sessions.

Alongside JT Dorsey and Yaneash Donaldson, the Black Soccer Coaches community plans to conduct a youth clinic incorporating coaches of all levels.

“Its so incredibly important for kids to see themselves especially with the caliber of coaches we will be bringing. Representation matters,” said Hercules.

The instructional skills development clinic will take place at City Athletics, a Black owned business in Philadelphia’s Tioga section.

“The youth also need to know that we have a mission to continue to build a pipeline of success for them and others across the globe.”

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